Research Engineer - Security

Job description

About Kryptos Logic

Kryptos Logic is a small but highly focused cyber security company working on threat intelligence and victim discovery/notification. Our innovative platform provides security conscious organisations an edge to get ahead of security breaches.

We're a remote first company building a scalable victim notification platform based on threat intelligence to help secure their organisations. We are passionate about building, dissembling, and creating new capability. Our projects make extensive use of modern technologies, ensuring you have the tools needed to perform.

You may have heard about us previously if you've ever heard of WannaCry, we operate and defend the WannaCry kill-switch, which is always working globally to prevent new victims.

The Role

We're looking for a Research Engineer to join the growing R&D team at Kryptos Logic.

As a Research Engineer, you will be a critical part of our growing team, contributing towards our growing portfolio of capability and technology. We're looking for someone who is happy to both research new capabilities and also implement them using a modern and scalable technology stack.

The ideal candidate will have experience using version control and working within a remote team-setting to achieve goals such as building new platform features or capabilities to track new and emerging threats, as well as producing actionable intelligence that can preemptively support potential victims, such as CERTs and enterprises.

You'll be developing and maintaining microservices to support our platform, analyze new data, build config extractors and automate analysis tooling, all using a modern stack of languages and technologies.

We work with high volume, and ever-increasing, streaming data. As a result, performance and reliability are critical to our solutions. We are Go centric due to it being a simple, performant, language that enables us to get going quickly with easy access to powerful concurrency features, but we also work with other language like Python. We make heavy use of technologies such as gRPC and Kafka. Since we are a nimble team, that moves quickly - if we identify a technology worth exploring, we're not afraid to give it a go. You'll have the opportunity to experiment with and learn about a variety of new and interesting technologies.

Don't worry, we believe in building up skills, so you don't have to be an expert in everything, and we're happy to hear from people at any stage of their career who are excited and share similar passions as us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Job requirements

  • Software development experience using Go/Python and a strong understanding of software engineering principles.
  • Experience analysing threats.
  • Ability to use Git to work collaboratively in a team.
  • Excellent written and communication skills.
  • Strong team player who is open to collaborating with others.

Candidates who have experience with any of the listed skills would stand out

  • Experience developing low-latency microservices and APIs.
  • Experience developing, deploying and managing containerised applications, preferably using Kubernetes.
  • Experience developing streaming capabilities with Kafka.
  • Experience with gRPC.
  • Signature development using YARA.
  • Pandas
  • Airflow
  • x86 and x86-64 assembly
  • IDA Pro, Binary Ninja, Ghidra, Radare2
  • Emulation frameworks (e.g. Unicorn, Qiling)
  • Intermediate representations (e.g. LLVM IR, BNIL)
  • Dynamic binary instrumentation tools (e.g. QDBI, DynamoRIO, Pin)
  • Network protocol analysis
  • Botnet architecture
  • Netflow